MDVS Services

The Mallee Domestic Violence Service (MDVS) provides assistance to women and women with children who are in crisis as a result of domestic violence. Our services include:

  • 24 hour crisis support and intervention.
  • Crisis refuge accommodation: safe, short, medium and long-term emergency transitional accommodation for women and children escaping family violence.
  • Forensic medical services.
  • Support for victims wishing to access the criminal justice system.
  • Outreach services.
  • Community education and awareness raising about family violence and sexual assault.
  • Development and implementation of educational programs and school-based prevention programs.
  • Quality care from appropriately trained and experienced staff, respectful of privacy and dignity regardless of social status, disability, age, sex, race, religion or political belief.
  • Short, medium, long-term counselling, advocacy and support for women, men, children and families to assist with making informed decisions about their circumstances and safety.
  • Referrals on behalf of the victim / survivor to other services as necessary.
  • Establishment of protocols with relevant organisations in the Mallee region.
  • Well demonstrated integrated response to family violence with the Police, Courts, Child Protection Unit, Mental Health Services and other Health Services.
  • Liaison and consultation with community groups in relation to sexual assault and family violence issues.
  • Quality resources, skills and information.

We offer:

  • crisis refuge accommodation
  • medium security accommodation
  • options – about your situation, and support you in whatever choices you make
  • counselling – we offer short term and long term counselling
  • advocacy – that we are willing to talk to other services for and on behalf of you
  • information – about domestic violence and other services
  • referrals – we are willing to refer you onto other services to meet your needs
  • support – we can help you in whatever your needs are, eg. attend appointments with you etc.
  • assistance – we offer to help you network and get yourself re-established in the community
  • outreach services – we offer support even if you’re not wanting to leave your situation.  We also offer follow up support for women and women with children that have left the refuge.